Type IV R - K

IV R-KThe Type IVR-K is a Combination Mixer and is necessary whenever it is essential to mix the individual components of a product in a predetermined sequence.

This Combination Mixer consists of two mixers of the Type IV R. Following the pre-mixing of individual components in the first mixer, the resultant compound is discharged into the second mixer for completion as a finished product. Whilst the product is being completed in the second mixer, the first mixer may be used to prepare the premix for the next batch, thus virtually effecting a continuous mixing Operation.

The discharge of the finished com­pound from the second mixer may be via a vibratory sieve attached to the front of the machine should this be required.

This method of processing two-stage mixes obviates the previously expen­sive transfer of material between individual mixers or the costly storage of part-finished products.

The mixing machine Type IVR-K is constructed in sizes of 50, 100, 200 and 300 litres working capacity.


  • Pre-mixer and finishing mixer as a combination mixer
  • Pan tilting round a high, forward mounted fulcrum
  • With vibratory sieve
  • Sizes of 50 - 400 litres working capacity