Type VI S - D

Slanting Mixer VI S-DThe AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneader type VI S - D has pan and mixing blades inclined at 45°. The mixing blades are unilaterally supported. The wellproven sealing element consists of an easily accessible grooved ring. Alternative systems are available for special applications.

The drive is effected via V-belt and a completely enclosed toothed gear drive running in an oil-bath. All toothed gear wheels are spiral toothed, all shafts have ball bearings, ensuring a quiet and uniform operation.

With machines of up to 50 litres working capacity, the pan bottom is hinged and the mixing blades are easily removed. Also with larger machines, the pan bottom can be designed to open upwards for easy cleaning.

AMK Slanting Mixer / Kneaders type VI S-D are suitable for mixing pasty, powdery, granular, fibrous, damped or products requiring damping and also in their final stage, flowable pastes.

The effectiveness depends on the best utilization regarding the product to be mixed in combination with intensively operating mixing blades. The mixing blades, shaped as interrupted ribbons, convey the material into free space in stages. The mixing blades speed is designed thus, that part from this movement, a slight centrifugal and vortex effect is achieved.

For the processing of pasty products the direction of rotation of the mixing blades may be changed to obtain a neading effect. The product is transported from the blades to the bottom of the pan in this way producing shearing forces.

The mode of operation of the mixer / kneader affords a short time, usually less than 5 minutes, with high mixing accuracy and careful handling of the mixture.

AMK Slanting Mixer / Kneaders type VI S-D are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and allied industries.

In the chemical industry the machines are used, amongst other applications, for mixing electroplating salts, welding electrode masses, soap powder, lead dust, anti-noise compounds, silicone fats, rubber solutions, hot-melts, insecticides, etc.

In the pharmaceutical industry they are used for dampening granular masses, for mixing dry granulates, for drying processes, etc.

In the food industry they are used for mixing vanilla sugar, pudding powder, milk powder, soup and gravy powder, spices, peanut butter, salts, etc.

AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneaders are loaded through amplysized feed and cleaning openings or, when feeding automatically, by means of separate, fixed grouping of short feed pipes.

AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneaders are discharged through emptying devices without dead space. Outlets can be provided with an axial-movable sealing plate or with hinged sealing plate. According to size and request, operation can be effected by hand-lever, handwheel, electrically and pneumatically.

AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneaders in vacuum construction are used as dryers to deaerate pasty masses and for mixing under exclusion of air.

AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneaders designed for overpressure allow reactions within the mixer, or sterilisation with steam of the mixing pan.

AMK Slanting Mixer/Kneader with cutting/dispersion blades are used, whenever agglomerates have to be broken down, be they nodules or of irregular dampness. In many cases the cutting blades obviate the necessity of nozzle feed or spray attachment. One or more cutting blades can be fitted per mixing arm.