Extrusion Kneader VI U

Extrusion kneaderAMK Extrusion-Kneaders are always constructed in accordance with the latest technical standards, which reflect the close contact with understanding of the customer's requirements and current developments within the industry. The machines are manufactured to accomodate the requirements of the customer in respect of the product to be processed, the process procedure, feeding and discharging etc. All special requirements are considered relative to the materials of construction, heating and cooling, vacuum or positive pressure, lid construction, stepless variable drive etc.

AMK Extrusion-Kneaders are usually equipped with two kneading blades of AMK construction type "U" (Z Sigmablades). Other blade designs are available upon request.

AMK Extrusion-Kneaders are constructed in varying strength classifications corresponding to the power requirements of the process product. All machine components are designed according to the installed driving power.

VI U Extrusion-Kneader with hydraulic driveAMK Extrusion-Kneaders are used, among other applications, for the manufacture of:

  • silicone rubber,
  • butyl rubber,
  • plastic colour-concentrates,
  • sealing compounds,
  • putties,
  • printing ink,
  • moulding preparations,
  • hot-melt adhesives,
  • pressure sensitive adhesives,
  • rubber solutions,
  • fine soaps,
  • carbon electrodes,
  • oxide ceramics,
  • hard metals,
  • gasket and gland packing products,
  • butter,
  • marzipan,
  • nougat,
  • peppermint dough's,
  • liquorice,
  • soup pastes,
  • biscuit dough's,
  • ... etc.