Extrusion Kneader VI U with screwThe extrusion screw is arranged in the trough, parallel to the blades, terminating in the extrusion barrel fitted to the side of the trough. The extrusion screw is supported on the discharge side of the machine. The screw operates in reverse direction during the kneading process. This intensifies the kneading effect and prevents settlement of any component of the product.

Upon completion of the kneading process the direction of rotation of the screw is reversed and the product, subject to its characteristic, may be extruded in the desired shape. The rotating blades propel the product into the screw, therefore materials which are heavily to transport are able to extrude.

Blade and screwAMK Extrusion-Kneaders have easily removable extrusion screws. AMK Extrusion-Kneaders can be equipped with extrusion screws of different geometrical designs. Large extrusion output at low pressure, or high extrusion pressure at low extrusion output can be achieved by selection of the applicable extrusion screw design.