Mixing Machines

II R Mixing Machine

AMK mixing machines Type „R" are designed to operate in accordance with the planetary „Counter current" mixing principle.

As opposed to the standard planetary mixer, AMK mixing machines Type „R" incorporate an independently driven rotating pan system with the mixing blades arranged eccentrically to the pan axis. The mixing blade may be driven in either direction for „current" or „counter-current" mixing, subject to the requirements of the specific mixing application.

The interior of the mixing pan is machine finished and by means of an adjustable scraper, the mixture boing processed is removed from the pan wall and re-directed to the centre of the pan. The mixing blades and scraper are fully adjustable to accomodate any resultant wear. The total capacity of the mixing pan is double the designed working capacity.

Mixing Machine II R SLFor special applications, the AMK mixing machines Type „R" may be equipped with high-speed cutters. These are particularly beneficial when agglomerates must be eliminated, i.e. fine-grained mixes. The mixing blades are readily accessible for maintenance and cleaning witch the pan cover in the open position. All movement of both mixing pan and cover are fully interlocked to ensure a fool-proof and safe operation.

The AMK mixing machines Type „R" are accepted by the Employers Liability Insurance and carry the test Code “G.S.”