Type IV R

IV R Mixing Machine

The method of discharge for mixers Type IV R is by means of pan tilting around a high, forward-mounted fulcrum.

The fulcrum point of the cover is positioned to ensure that total free access is available to the pan for product feeding, with the cover in the open position.

The swivel movements of the pan and cover are effected hydraulically.

The pan can be discharged via a vibratory sieve attached to the front of the machine if required, beneath which sufficient space is available for a mobile collection vessel. The AMK vibratory sieve is hinged on one side and may be swung out of position to enable cleaning of the pan and the mixing unit.

  • Operating in accordance with the planetary "counter current" mixing principle.
  • Pan tilting around a high, forward mounted fulcrum
  • Sizes of 50 - 400 litres working capacity