Tilt-KneaderAMK have manufactured mixing and kneading machines for more than 100 years. They are used for the processing of highly viscous, stuff and very sticky products.

AMK Tilt-Kneaders have been constructed for decades to well-proven basic concept. The machines are manufactured to accommodate the requirements for the customer in respect of the product to be processed, the process procedure, feeding and discharging etc. All special requirements are considered relative to the materials of construction, heating and cooling, vacuum or positive pressure etc.

AMK Tilt-Kneaders are usually equipped with two kneading blades of AMK construction Type "U" (Z or Sigmatype). Other blade designs are available upon request.

AMK Tilt-Kneaders are manufactured in a variety of strength classifications in respects of the required motor power and with all components of the machine being suitably sized relative to the motor power being utilised.