Lab Kneader III U / III P

III P Lab kneaderAMK Laboratory Tilt-Kneaders Type III U are constructed in capacities of 1 - 2,5 - 4 and 8 litres to many special designs.

AMK Laboratory Tilt-Kneaders Type III P are constructed in capacities of 1 - 2,5 and 4 litres to meet specially high demands regarding ease of cleaning. This type of kneader is equipped with an easily removable trough side-wall and readily exchangeable kneading blades. The Laboratory Kneaders are constructed to the same highly robust design as used for the larger capacity fullscale production machines.

AMK Tilt-Kneaders and Extrusion-Kneaders are available for test and evaluation purposes within our technical department free of charge or obligation. These machines have heating, cooling and vacuum facilities, together with many optional extras.

Make use of the opportunity to test the advantages of the AMK Kneaders.